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Employability Skills

Employers are telling us that solid grades alone are not enough in this competitive world that we now live in. What they are now looking for is young people who are ‘ready for work’.

Brookfield's Employability Passport is a useful tool to help students gain experience and skills that employers are increasingly looking for.

Below are the top 10 key employability skills that employers have told school leaders they want to see in young people:

No. Description Skill
1 Recognise your own strengths and values and take responsibility for developing your work readiness skills and behaviours. Self-Motivated
2 Have the tools and skills required to present yourself to a future employer. Self-Assured
3 Have high aspirations for yourself. Aspirational
4 Understand the career opportunities available to you locally and beyond and make realistic choices. Informed
5 Experience work that is rewarding and fulfilling. Experienced
6 Achieve qualifications valued by employers. Achieving
7 Understand that employers want people who will work hard and are accountable for their actions. Accountable
8 Understand that employers want young people who can listen and learn from their successes and their mistakes, and keep going. Resilient
9 Work creatively to achieve your potential and that of the business. Entrepreneurial
10 Have effective communication and co-working skills. Co-operative