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Our Year Teams

Below you can find contact details for each of our Heads of Year, along with each Form Tutor in that year group.

Please use these details to direct questions and queries to the most relevant person.

Year 7

Head of Year: Mr C. Mason
Assistant Head of Year: Mrs E. Verovkins

Form Form Tutor
B Mrs J. Cooper
R Mrs K. Lloyd
O Mr D. Knight
K Mrs C. Ashley
F Mr N. Calladine
I Mr A. Nightingale

Year 8

Head of Year:  Mr B. Anderson
Assistant Head of Year: Mrs K. Taylor

Form Form Tutor
B Mr D. Thompson
R Mrs R. Marriott
O Ms A. Ramsdale

Mr S. Brooks

F Mr C. Pattison
I Ms M. Panton

Year 9

Head of Year:  Mr C. Greenwood
Assistant Head of Year: Miss Z. Butterworth
Form Form Tutor
B Mrs E. Treves
R Mr P. Burton
O Mrs N, Smith
K Mr A. Hopkins
F Mrs C. Waring
I Mr R. Ireland

Year 10

Head of Year:  Miss L. Ridgeway
Assistant Head of Year: Mrs S. Nash
Form Form Tutor
B Mr J. Lees
R Mr W. Fallon
O Miss E. Lord
K Miss L. Fenwick
F Miss H. Butterworth
I Miss G. Louca

Year 11

Head of Year:  Mrs A. Williams
Assistant Head of Year: Mr A. James

Form Form Tutor

Miss A. Leigh

R Mrs C. Ashley
O Mr P. Anderson
K Miss N. Walker
F Ms M. Henson
I Miss A. New

Year 12

Head of Year:  Mr J. Cameron
Form Form Tutor

Mrs J. Booker

12GS Mr G. Schofield
12SEC Mr S. Cliff
12HEC Miss H. Cooke
12HR Mrs H. Rippin
12RQN Mrs R. Quinn

Year 13

Head of Year:  Mr A. McIntyre
Form Form Tutor

Mrs C. Earl

13CJ Mr C. James
13DJ Ms D. Judd
13NPD Mr N. Davey
13DSB Mrs D. Brooker