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What Do Past Students Say?

"I think the difference between me two years ago and me now is huge and the sixth form is largely responsible for that"

"Time spent at Brookfield seems at the time both very long and very short. However, I can say with complete certainty that I am proud to have gone to Brookfield; proud that I am the product of such a school. I am extremely grateful for what it has provided for me not only academically, but personally. I shall be sad to leave it behind, but am excited about the future"

"Brookfield has had a huge impact on me, both in terms of my academic qualities and in more general terms. I feel I have grown socially. I have become more independent, more confident and ore respectful towards others. It is something I also see in the students around me, also filled with memories of seven wonderful years. I could not have wished for a better platform to begin my next step in life"

"Having only spent two years at Brookfield, I would recommend the sixth form to anyone, as I had the time of my life there"