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Your Questions, Answered

Some members of our Senior Leadership Team answer questions sent in from parents about Moving up to Brookfield Community School in September 2022.

Transition Leader, Mrs Allan asks your questions, with the panel consisting of Mr Hirst - Headteacher, Mr Cronin - Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Metcalfe-Murgatroyd - Assistant Headteacher, and Mrs Mason - Deputy Headteacher.

The list of questions can be found below.

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The list of questions is as follows:

00:46 What is special about Brookfield? What is its USP?

01:47 Which subjects are ‘set' in Y7?

02:01 How do parents’ evenings work?

02:20 Can my child borrow books from the library? Are there plenty of opportunities to read?

02:54 How do I pay for items that I need to buy through school?

03:13 How can I report absence?

03:34 How are the tutor groups organised?

03:52 How can I keep an eye on what homework is set in lessons and support my son in school?

04:15 I understand Brookfield is moving towards a House system - but what does that involve?

04:44 Who should be my first point of contact in school if I have a concern regarding my child and how do I contact them? 05:25 What are the advantages of being in a multi-academy trust?

06:11 If my son gets a detention, how am I told about it and when will it be?

06:47 What extra-curricular opportunities are there?

07:25 My child has Special Educational Needs, would you view your school as ‘inclusive' and what support is available for children with additional needs?

08:09 Do Year 7 students have lunchtime with the rest of the school?

08:38 Is there a school bus?

09:00 How will parents be informed about progress?

09:26 Could you tell me a bit more about ‘Vertical Tutoring’?

10:09 Will Year 6 students have an induction or a transition period in the summer?

11:05 What is the policy on mobile phones?

11:33 Currently, in some subjects, students are still taught in form groups. How will classes be put together next year?

11:52 Will there still be vertical forms or is it on hold in light of current year group bubbles?

12:27 As Brookfield is moving to a new House system with vertical tutoring, how will form times be used and how will they benefit the students?

13:27 Will Heads of House still deal with pastoral issues as Heads of Year do now?

13:42 How can I get my child ‘secondary school ready’?