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Year 9 Guided Choices 2021

Welcome to Year 9 Guided Choices 2021

Guided Choices is the process by which Year 9 students choose their KS4 subjects. Over the next half term our Year 9 students and parents will have the opportunity to hear about the KS4 subjects available for them to choose at Brookfield. These subjects will sit alongside the compulsory subjects to ensure all students have a broad and balanced curriculum. There will be opportunities throughout the process to ask questions and receive guidance from teachers and our careers advisor.

How do students choose their courses?

All students will receive a copy of the Guided Choices booklet by email, and parents will also receive a copy. The booklet describes the process and the subjects available, and can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Carefully read through the booklet and look to see which combinations of subjects you are able to choose
  • Watch the subject introduction videos by clicking the on the link to the left
  • Ask questions during form time, or send them to:
  • Discuss with your family.

There will be a Live Virtual Guided Choices evening on Wednesday 10th March where you can hear further information and ask questions.

On Thursday 18th March there will be a Virtual Year 9 Parents’ Evening where parents and students can make appointments with teachers and discuss studying their subject at KS4.

You will be sent a link for a meeting on Teams with one of our Guided Choices team. These meetings will happen between 22nd- 31st March. You will be able to discuss your Guided Choices and ask any further questions.

After your interview, you will be sent a link to an online Options form.

This form should be completed and submitted by 1st April.

If you have any problems accessing your Guided Choices form, contact