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Our Governing Body is made up of individuals representing number of different areas as listed below. They are appointed for a period of 4 years, with the Chair and Vice-Chair normally serving for a period of 1 year.

Governor Roles

Parent Governors

Parent Governors are representative parents rather than parent representatives.  Parent Governors represent the views of other parents.  Whenever a vacancy arises for a Parent Governor, nominations are requested from all parents. Those wishing to stand are elected using a ballot with all parents eligible to cast votes.  Where the number of individuals wishing to stand for election is the same as or less than the number of vacancies, a ballot does not need to be held.  Parent Governors need to be aware of and represent the views and opinions of other parents remembering they, themselves, are entitled to their own views and opinions.


Community Governors—previously known as Co-opted Governors—may be nominated by any other Governor who believes they have specific skills or experiences that would be beneficial and complimentary to the Governing Body. Community Governors are recruited from local businesses, churches, and the community in general and may be explicitly put forward to represent minority interests.  When a vacancy for a Community Governor arises, any serving Governor can nominate an individual to fill the vacancy and the remainder of the Governing Body takes a vote on whether to appoint (subject to the approval of The Redhill Academy Trust).

Teacher Governors

Teacher Governors are elected by the teaching staff to represent the viewpoint of those delivering the teaching.  They are elected using a ballot process with votes being cast by all teachers, although as with Parent Governors, the ballot process is only required if there are more nominations than vacancies.  Teacher Governors provide the Governing body with professional insights and expertise of the teaching body/staff.

Support Staff Governors

Appointed in the same way as Teacher Governors, Support Staff Governors represent all other staff who work for the school other than teachers.  They bring with them knowledge and experience of the issues facing the school and their roles.

Headteacher Governor

Headteachers can decide whether to be on the Governing Body or not.  Even if not formally on the Governing Body, they have full rights to attend any meeting.

Composition of the Governing Body

At Brookfield Community School, the Governing Body is made up as follows:-

  • 1 Headteacher
  • 2 Staff Governors
  • 5 Parent Governors
  • 3 Community Governors
Business and pecuniary interests

Governors complete a declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interests form at the start of each academic year, and at the start of every meeting, there is a requirement for Governors to declare any business interests.  


The full Governing Body meets four times per academic year unless any additional meetings are called.

The Governing Body also appoints individual Governors who are prepared to take on monitoring/supportive roles within specialist areas, ie Sports College, Special Educational Needs, Health and Safety, Child Protection, Children in Care, Student Council, Anti-Bullying, Gifted and Talented, Equal Opportunities, ECO issues, Careers, Learning Community, KS2-KS3 transition, KS3-KS4 transition and Post-16 issues.

Our Governors 

Introducing the Governors at Brookfield Community School:

John Barker - Parent Chair of Governors (

My association with Brookfield School goes back to its beginnings in 1991. I taught History and Politics at the school until 2005, as well as assuming a number of pastoral roles and latterly driving the school’s successful sports college bid. I left to pursue a career managing PE and sport across a cluster of schools, but during this time maintained my association with the school as my children started attending – two lads who have now left and a daughter who is in Year 10.

Whilst at Brookfield I was a teacher governor for 8 years, a role I enjoyed, and therefore keen to get involved as a governor again when I had some more time in my life. I applied to be a parent governor in 2019, and was elected Chair in 2020. I am Link Governor for Post-16 and work closely with all other Link Governors.

I am committed to ensuring that Brookfield is a thriving school that enriches the lives of all its young people: a school where all children are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential both academically and personally. When they leave, Brookfield will have done all it can to help every child maximise their life chances.

Ian Webb - Community Vice Chair (

I have been a Community Governor at Brookfield since September 2019.

I am the Vice-Chair of the Governing body, Chair of the Finance Committee and support the school with my experience in HR, Finance and H&S that have been gained working in senior roles within Logistics and Distribution. 

As a former student and now parent of 2 children starting their experience at Brookfield, I have a keen interest in ensuring that the school is able to run as efficiently as possible, is able to raise standards, and provide a safe environment to enable every child to receive a good education and achieve their full potential.

Keith Hirst - Headteacher (

Brookfield is fortunate to have a very strong and active governing body, comprised of members who have the desire and drive to ensure that the school provides the very best experience for our students. As Headteacher I sit on the Brookfield governing body and attend all board and committee meetings. I am part of link governor work in the areas of Quality of Education and Safeguarding. 

My career in education stretches for almost 30 years. As a teacher of economics I began my career at Heritage Community School in Clowne before moving to Wickersley School and Sports College in Rotherham. 10 years later I moved to take on the role as Vice Principal of Horizon Community College in Barnsley. A spell as Director of Education with Astrea Academy Trust preceded my appointment as Headteacher at Brookfield, a role which I recognise as one with enormous responsibility and privilege.

Although I have been Headteacher since 2019, my links to the school go back much further, with all my 3 children attending the school. I live locally and understand the important role that Brookfield plays in the local community and beyond.

Other Governors include:

Mrs Alison Watson - Parent Governor

Mr Matthew Castledine - Parent Governor

Mrs Ellen Buggins - Parent Governor

Mr Mark Coles - Community Governor

Miss Laura Watkin - Community Governor

Mrs Rebecca Bage - Parent Governor

Mrs Caroline Ashley - Staff Governor

Mrs Hayley Grundy - Staff Governor

Mrs Cathi Thacker - Clerk to the Governors (