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We are very proud of our student attendance achievements last year as we were 2.5% above the national average and our Year 11 student attendance was 10% above the national average. 

Well done to all the students who achieved 100% attendance. Keep up your commitment to your excellent attendance.

Why Attendance Matters

It is the legal duty of parents to ensure that their child receives full time education. Good attendance is vital to a child’s progress and achievement. Common sense tells us that absence and lateness to lessons disrupt the continuity of learning and therefore affect progress and, ultimately, success. As a result of the direct correlation between attendance and achievement, it is vital that students achieve full attendance. 

It is also important to note that short periods of regular absence can be just as damaging to learning as long term absence. 

Brookfield sees the maintenance of good attendance as a three-way contract between school, parents and students, with clear expectations of us all. However, should we be concerned about a student’s attendance, they will be interviewed.

What the School Expects of Students

  • That they will attend regularly
  • That they will arrive on time and appropriately prepared for the day
  • That they will report to the Attendance Clerk in the Foyer and sign a Late Form should they arrive after the official registration time. This means after 8.30 am and 1.56 pm
  • That they will inform their Form Tutor of any problem that will prevent them from attending school.

What the School Expects of Parents

  • That they will fulfil their responsibility by ensuring that their child attends school
  • That they will contact the school on the first day when their child is unable to attend and that their child returns to school with an absence note
  • That they will aim to ensure that their child arrives on time and well prepared for the school day
  • That they will contact the Form Tutor or Assistant Head of Year in confidence whenever any problems occur that may keep their child away from school
  • That they will inform the Form Tutor of any forthcoming appointments and ensure the continuity of their child’s education by arranging appointments outside the school day wherever possible. 

Leave of Absence

All leave of absence requests should be submitted to the Headteacher at least two weeks before the anticipated start date using the form below. Applications cannot be granted retrospectively. 

Holidays in Term Time

Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence for holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances; in these cases it is the Headteacher who determines the number of days a child can be away from school if the leave is granted. Examples of circumstances that may not be considered exceptional are: 

  • Availability of cheap holidays and cheap travel arrangements
  • Days overlapping with the beginning or end of term
  • Birthday of student or family member. 

Under the Local Authority Code of Conduct, the Education Welfare Services (EWS) will serve a penalty notice for any period of holiday during term time that has not been authorised by the Headteacher. Derbyshire County Council Advice for Parents and Carers regarding Penalty Notices can be found on our website under the Parents section.

What Parents and Students can Expect of the School

  • A broad and balanced education which, in itself, is dependent upon regular attendance
  • Immediate contact with parents when a student fails to attend school without parents informing school of the reason for absence or at any time we feel that attendance is of cause for concern
  • Prompt action on any problem notified to us
  • Close liaison with the Education Welfare Service to assist and support parents and students where needed.

Authorising Absence

In order for the school to authorise an absence we need to receive information from parents explaining clearly the reason for absence. It is vital, therefore, that parents contact school every time students are absent from school for any reason. Parents are asked to contact the school on the first day of absence in person or by telephone. When the child returns they must bring a written note, signed by a parent, for each period of absence. If no explanation for absence is received the absence will be recorded as unauthorised; in some circumstances this may be regarded as truancy. If a student is persistently absent from school, a request for medical evidence will be made to parents.

Rewarding Good Attendance

In order to encourage good attendance, the school will send a letter of praise to all students who achieve 100% attendance each half term. Those students who achieve 100% attendance for the whole year will receive certificates and small prizes at the end of year assembly.

Staff to Contact - Complaints or Concerns

When telephoning school to explain a student’s absence, please dial the Attendance Clerk’s number (01246 568115 choose Option 1). If you wish to discuss your child’s attendance, please contact their Form Tutor or Head of House.