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Student Pledges

The Pledges System at Brookfield Community School is designed to encourage students to gain a breadth of different experiences alongside their academic learning. Examples include: accessing a range of co-curricular opportunities; representing the school in a variety of intra-school and inter-school competitions; taking part in charitable projects and developing leadership skills. Our Pledge System complements our Life 360 Curriculum (Personal Development) and will encourage all students to become well-rounded young adults, with high levels of cultural capital and life-values aligned with the Fundamental British Values. 

Brookfield's students have 10 Student Pledges are displayed in student planners and also on notice boards throughout the school. In September every year, students will set their annual individual pledge with their form tutor and throughout the academic year, students will have the opportunity to update their My Pledges Passport with their form tutor. Once a pledge has been completed, the student’s form tutor will sign their My Pledges Passport like the one you will find at the bottom of this page.