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Darwin's Medicine Chest

Pictured is Charles Darwin’s personal medicine chest.

Read more below to see how we came to have this unique piece of history in our school...


We are very lucky at Brookfield Community School to have among our students a direct descendant of Charles Darwin.

The luck doesn’t end there though as the family owns a very special piece of scientific history.

Pictured is Charles Darwin’s personal medicine chest containing actual samples of the potions the famous scientist believed he himself would need. These include an emetic (to cause him to vomit), a laxative, an anti-flatulent and several (often toxic) chemicals.

Most exciting of all is the high probability that this chest accompanied Darwin aboard 'The Beagle' on his famous voyage between 1831 and 1836.

A massive thankyou to the family for sharing this brilliantly unique piece of medical history with us.

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