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Hearing from Our Students

Our team of Primary Ambassadors are involved with the transitions process, and this is what a few of them have to say about Brookfield on a range of topics from settling in to getting involved.


Dear Year 6,


I am Oliver a current year 8 student at Brookfield, and not so long ago I was in the same position as you are now as I was about to leave Holymoorside school, where I had spent 7 happy years. That school was all I knew so coming to Brookfield was a big change.

So, how are you all feeling about coming here? Let me give you the ‘insider view’ on what school life is like and what some of my main worries were at the time…

One of my main worries before starting here was getting lost! However, if you get lost in the first few weeks, don’t be worried at all, as there are a lot of maps around the school and many friendly older pupils to ask, but if you are late for a lesson the teachers are very understanding.

When I was moving up to Brookfield I was also worried about not being in a class with my friends from primary school, however even though I ended up being in a class with some of my primary school friends, I have made many new friends too, which has been a huge bonus! Now I don’t even think who I was at primary school with, we are just all Brookfield students.

Lessons at Brookfield are good too as you learn new and interesting techniques every day, which you can take with you to use as future life skills. Whilst you are learning, you are making new memories as well which you can also take with you.

So, finishing off, I would say, enjoy your last few weeks at primary school, but look forward to a new chapter in your life and to the many new experiences Brookfield will offer you.

See you soon,

Oliver (Primary Ambassador)