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Information for Students


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How will I know what lessons I have and when and where they are?

You will be given a timetable in the first lesson of the school year, this will show you when and where your lessons are and what teacher you have. It is important that you keep a copy of this in your planner. You will quickly learn where the rooms are, get to know the staff around school and your class teachers.

What happens if I get lost and can’t find my classroom?

There are lots of maps and signs around school to help you find your way around but the best thing you can do is ask someone. Everyone has been in year 7 and understands that it takes a while to find your way around.

What is a Student Organiser?

You will be given a Student Organiser on your first day at Brookfield. It is a bit like a diary as it contains lots of important information that you will need in lessons. Sometimes staff might ask you to write some information about some classwork or homework in your planner. You must have your planner in school every day.

Do I bring all my school books to school every day?

No, you should only pack your bag with the equipment you need for that day. You will have too many books to bring them all the time. Checking your timetable and packing your bag the night before is a good habit to get into.

How do I put money into my account?

Money can be put into your account through Parent Pay. This will be set up at the beginning of the school year. 

What is a conduct card?

The conduct card is a small card that staff will sign if your behaviour falls below the high standards we expect whilst you are not in lessons. You must carry your conduct card at all times when in school. If you receive three signatures on your conduct card you will be issued with a C3 detention for the same day.

What will happen if I don’t wear the correct uniform to school?

It depends very much on what the problem is, if it is something minor like not having a tie then a member of staff would sign your conduct card and try to rectify the problem by lending you a tie for the day. If it was something major like coming to school in white trainers or blue jeans we would contact home and ask your parents to bring the correct uniform to school. If this could not be sorted you would be put in isolation.

What happens if I get a detention?

The teacher who issued the detention will tell you what type of detention you have been given, either a 30-minute detention or 60 minutes. If the detention is given in lessons 1-4 it will be that day straight after school. If it is during period 5 you will do the detention the day after. We will text your parents and tell them that you have a detention. At the end of the day you will need to go to the detention room. (M5)

What are the reasons I might get a detention?

We follow a consequence system at Brookfield where you are given clear warnings about your behaviour. For example if you were talking at the wrong time in a lesson you would be given a clear warning by your teacher. They would write your name on the board. If you then continued to talk they would give you a second warning and put a tick next to your name. If you then continued to talk after this you would be given a third warning and be told you have a 30-minute detention after school. There are some things which may result in a detention being issued without any warnings such as swearing, lateness or not having the right equipment.

What happens if I am late to school?

Being punctual is a key life skill, so if you are more than a couple of minutes late for a lesson you will be given a C3 detention. It is important that you plan ahead and keep track of time to ensure you arrive on time to lessons. Especially in the morning and after lunchtime.