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GCSE Computer Science

Our GCSE in Computer Science is engaging and practical, encouraging creativity and problem solving. It encourages students to develop their understanding and application of the core concepts in computer science. Students also analyse problems in computational terms and devise creative solutions by designing, writing, testing and evaluating programs. The course provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment in the field of IT and Computer Science. The increasing importance of digital technologies means that there is a significant demand for professionals who are qualified in this area.  Students who have taken a GCSE in Computer Science and who then progress to study the subject at A Level and university will have a significant advantage over their peers who are commencing the subject at these levels.

The course will develop critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills through the study of computer programming. For many students, it is an interesting way to develop these skills, which can be transferred to other subjects and even applied in day-to-day life.   Students will have the opportunities to develop programmes using Python and other languages to enable them to make fully operational applications.


The qualification is broken in to 2 assessed modules requiring a mixture of theoretical and practical experience. The theoretical aspects of Computer Science will be assessed at the end of Year 11. There are two papers, one focusing on the theory of Computer Science and one with a focus on programming and algorithms. Both papers have identical weighting and marks.

Students are also given the opportunity to undertake a programming task during their course of study which allows them to develop their skills to design, write, test and refine programs using a high-level programming language. Students will be assessed on these skills during the written examinations.

Further Education and Career Opportunities:

Computer Science GCSE has a natural progression to further study either on the A Level course in Computer Science or similar courses in colleges. Computer Science and its associated subjects are a major career path in the UK, becoming one of the most productive fields in the UK requiring high level skills.  In this respect, the course provides excellent preparation for students who want to study or work in areas that rely on these skills. These areas include engineering, financial and resource management, science and medicine. Specialist Computer Science courses are available at most universities and colleges, these include Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Security, Networking and Hardware Development through to courses where programming is a significant component such as the sciences and engineering.

Examining Board:



Miss Wear