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GCSE French and Spanish

The course studied in Years 10 and 11 will build on the language and skills gained in Key Stage 3.  Students will continue to learn to use the language of real life situations and, whatever the grade finally aimed for, students will have a working knowledge of how native speakers communicate in a variety of everyday situations.  The language learning covers three themes:

  • Identity & Culture
  • Local, National, International and global areas of interest
  • Current and future study and employment.

Students will learn to understand both the spoken and written language and to communicate orally and in written form.  Students will also learn about the country, other countries where the language is spoken and their way of life, customs and cultures.


Four examinations at the end of Year 11:

  • Listening 25%
  • Reading 25%
  • Speaking  25% 
  • Writing 25% 

We encourage students to buy their own personal copy of the workbook, which accompanies the course textbook. This can be purchased through school.

Language learning is, by its nature, a continuous process in which students are reinforcing and building on what they know.  They will be expected to revise and learn vocabulary and structures on a regular basis and to meet deadlines.

Further Education and Career Opportunities: 

The foundation gained in language learning skills and the GCSE grade obtained will equip students to continue the study of a Modern Foreign Language at A Level.  The number and variety of university degree courses offering a vocational qualification combined with a language and the opportunity to study and work as an undergraduate are increasing each year as we become aware of the need to equip British students for life and work in the wider world. As the United Kingdom moves into closer political and economic relationships with other countries, the GCSE student of today will be the workforce of tomorrow and will be expected at all levels to be prepared to live and work beyond our country’s boundaries.  Knowledge of a language, the language learning skills and especially the communication skills will be of increasing importance throughout our students’ lives.

Examining Board:



Miss Louca & Mrs Smith - French/ Miss Walker - Spanish