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GCSE Geography

The course provides coverage of physical, environmental and human aspects of the subject and the links that exist between them.

The content of the specification is organised into three broad themes: 

  • Theme 1: Changing Places - Changing Economies 
  • Theme 2: Changing Environments 
  • Theme 3: Environmental Challenges

Key topics include urban change, development, river processes and management, coastal processes and management, extreme weather, ecosystems, climate change and desertification.

An issue-based investigative approach to Geography is at the core of each of the three units. The emphasis is on problem solving as well as developing skills and increasing an understanding of topical geographical ideas. This builds on the foundations laid at Key Stage Thr´╗┐ee.


Students will be assessed through three written examination papers.  

The first examination will assess knowledge and understanding of the three themes outlined above.

The second examination will ask students to complete a geographical problem solving exercise.

The third examination will test the students understanding of the fieldwork exercises that they have completed over the course.

Fieldwork Opportunities: All students will have to complete fieldwork during the GCSE course in order to answer the questions on the third examination paper.

Further Education and Career Opportunities:

The range of issues studied and skills developed (including ICT, working with others and numeracy) are highly appropriate for many careers. They are especially relevant to careers in journalism, business, travel and tourism, urban and rural planning, environmental management, surveying and teaching. Many students go on to study the subject at A Level and it combines well with both science and arts subjects. A Level Geography is also viewed favourably as a facilitating subject by universities due to the range of transferable skills that it enables students to develop. The subject is also equally useful as a foundation for a range of vocational courses.

Examining Board:

EDUQAS: Specification B


Mrs Megan Hopkinson - Head of Department -