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GCSE Design & Technology

GCSE Design & Technology is a two year course in which students learn how to design and make products using wood, metals, plastics materials, and electronic components.  Whilst there is a practical element to this subject there is also a substantial amount of theoretical knowledge to be learned.  

Students need to be creative, practical, logical, well-organised and must be able to work independently.  Students will spend time developing their own ideas and studying the work of professional designers.  Students will use traditional craft skills as well as computer aided design and manufacture. This course has a large coursework component much of which is written up as homework. Students must be willing to spend at least 1 hour a week, every week, completing homework in order to pass this course. 

The course has a 20% Maths content and students should be comfortable using maths to solve problems and plan projects.

  • External Examination 50%     
  • NEA (Coursework project) 50%
Further Education and Career Opportunities:

Students may go on to study A Level Product Design at Brookfield Community School.  

Chesterfield College also offers a number of design based courses as well as micro-electronics, engineering, manufacturing and product design.  Students may also progress from this GCSE into vocational opportunities, such as apprenticeships.

Career possibilities include engineering, product design, furniture design, computer aided design, graphic design, advertising, marketing, architecture, interior or theatre design and teaching.

Examining Board:



Mr Swift